I love the physical process of oil painting, layer on thick layers of paint to really make the artworks enter the 3rd dimension. I think that painting is also a lot more grounded than a lot of other medias and throughout my artwork I try to communicate the human-ness of using pigments this way.  The main way I love to convey this is by leaving some of the raw canvas showing, or leaving large spots of paint that create a cast shadow on the artwork.  Also I apologize of some of the photos are not the best quality, I do a lot of art, but I am not a photographer.
P.S. If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork, feel free to email me!
A painting of a woman in the bush, hiding.  with a leaking hole in her forehead.
"the sister" 11x14in  / $350
"orange study" 10x20in / $100
"Redwood Grove" 12x12in / NFS
"compost" 16x20in / $450  
"aim for the light" 12x12in / $150
"Watchtower" 8x8in / $50

"discarded" 12x12in / $150

"resource extraction" 18x24in / NFS

"exclusive winter tree branch" 8x8in / $75

"tahoe river tagged" 11x14 / $250

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